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The European Union supports the development of the CLT model

interreg-logoIn January 2018, the SHICC project will be launched. It aims to promote the community land trust model as a way to develop affordable housing for low and modest incomes and to strengthen local communities in the cities of Northwest Europe. The project is a partnership between four young urban CLTs (London CLT, CLT Brussels, CLT Ghent, and City of Lille CLT), the National CLT Network from England and Wales and the FMDV (a global association of cities). The project aims to strengthen existing CLTs in London, Ghent, Lille and Brussels, so that they can become an example for the rest of the Region.
The project will:
– Regular exchanges between all relevant actors.
– Highlight the development of new financial models.
–  Jointly develop a model of impact measurement.
– Establish a fund to support groups that are considering the establishment of new CLT’s.
– Develop a communication and lobbying campaign towards a favourable policy environment, that should make it possible to establish new urban CLTs throughout the region.
The intention is that within three years, at the end of the project, dozens of new CLTs will be in the pipeline, in Belgium, France and the United Kingdom, but also in countries where today no CLTs are active, such as the Netherlands and Germany. In this way, the project will eventually contribute to the creation of thousands of new homes, on land managed by local communities, and create hope for the ever-growing group of people who suffer the consequences of the housing crisis all over Europe.



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